I feel like making a character blog for Fidelia even though no one will give a shit because OCs are OCs and I broke the canon


Concept for my DGM OC, Miriam. More details in dA link XD

Yeah, let’s just casually shoehorn in a whole new species and society into the story and everything will be just fine.

Rise of the Wiggly-Noodle Mons.

I had a sudden urge to make a team of Pokemon with wiggly appendages.

I love you~

Zero from Will of the Ancients fantasy AU thing. Was going to be an icon but I can’t animate.

Fantasy AU Giratina. One of the oldest of the Ancients, he was imprisoned for corrupting mankind in the early ages. He waits for the day the Griseous Orb is returned to him and his powers restored.